About 5×30

It all started on a small balcony in uptown Dallas. Full of shade and plenty of cool breezes. The balcony was not big, but was big enough for a beginning woodworker. It measured just 5′ wide and about 30′ long.

With only a few small hand tools (handsaw, drill, hammer, chisels, tape measure, combo, speed square and a few C clamps), and a old night stand as a work bench, I started my journey into making sawdust. I started off small, and just built items we needed around the condo. I worked mostly with pallet wood, and started to venture in making more unique items for our home.

I decided I want to go bigger and push the limits of my “shop” so I decided we needed a liquor cabinet that held 80+ bottles of alcohol. I pushed the limits of not just the size but adding other things like a wine rack and LED’s.

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